Protect Your Packages Until You Get Home

Package theft is at an all-time high, with 1.7 million packages stolen or lost every day in the U.S.
Don't be a victim... Get ParcelSAF™ Tamper-Proof Package Systems

ParcelSAF™ Tamper-Proof Package Systems

The bench model was designed for residential porches and may have a cushioned   lid that acts as a porch bench seat. The bench comes in wood, metal or resin, with four trim levels, Starter, Basic, Standard, and Premium. The bench comes standard with two independently operated compartments, and a separating partition that may be removed to accommodate a single large package.

The box is designed for acreage owner entrance gates, offices, and factories.  Like the bench model, it offers the same material, trim and number of independently operated  compartments.  When locating the box away from buildings, such as at entrance gates, the owner could purchase an outdoor Wi-Fi extender and run electricity to the delivery container to allow for remote control.