How ParcelSAF™ Works

The delivery person is notified up front to place the package in the bin by notes to the carrier that are made when placing the order on line (under special instructions), and also by way of a sign that is placed on the walkway to instruct them.

A depiction of the ParcelSAF™ Phone App is shown to the right, showing two individually operated compartments (“left” and “right”). 

Function One: "Attended Mode"

The first function is the “Attended Mode,” for when you and your phone are in mobile data range and away from immediate access to the bench, at work, visiting family or friend, running errands, etc. This mode allows you to remotely lock the bench from anywhere you may be as long as your phone has access to mobile data. For instructions, click below

  1. Prepare the bench for delivery by pressing the Unlock Button on your phone app to unlock the lid.
  2. Manually lift the lid.
  3. Grab a leg and rotate the legs into the “up” and “locked” position.
  4. Lower the lid onto the legs.
  5. Deactivate the “Unlock Button” on the phone app.

In this mode, someone can come along and open and close the lid many times and the lid will not lock. The bench will be ready for the package at the time of delivery.

Retrieving the package from the bench is the same for all modes. Press the “Unlock Button” on the phone app to open the bench and lift the package out. Lock the bench to prevent potential vandalism.

To remotely lock the bench after package delivery, press the “Lock Button” on the phone app.

Function Two: “Offline Mode”

The second mode is enabled for times when you expect a package but will not be with your phone or do not have internet coverage (mobile data access) on your cell phone. For instructions, click below

  1. On your phone app, press the Unlock button, and open the lid.
  2. Use the hand wheel on the side of the bench to rotate the legs into the up position. Once in the up position lower the lid on the legs. Turn the Unlock button off.
  3. The bench is now ready for package delivery. As soon as the delivery driver opens the lid, the legs spring into the down position and the lid automatically locks when closed. Your package is now secure.

The “down” side is that while in this mode, someone comes along before the delivery person arrives, and opens and closes the lid, effectively locking the bench. The package, if left, would be unsecured, outside of the bench. For this reason, the “Attended Mode” is the preferred option.

Function Three: "Remote Setup Mode"

The third option is the Remote Setup Mode. Press the “Setup button on phone app to remotely set up the bench for package delivery, in case you forgot to set the bench up by performing the “Attended mode” function) before you left home. For instructions, click below

This function automatically unlocks and lifts the lid, raises the legs into the “up” and “locked” position, and finally lowers the lid onto the legs.

The bench is now prepared for package delivery, in the same manner as in the second “Attended Function.” Note that this mode allows you to remotely lock the bench from any location, as long as your phone has access to mobile data.

To remotely lock the bench after package delivery, again, like we just did in the second “Attended Option,”

  1. Press the “Lock Button” on the phone app.
  2. This action releases the legs from locked position and raises the lid, allowing the legs to spring into the down position.
  3. The lid is then lowered into the “down” and “locked” position, securing the package.

Function Four: “Unattended Mode”

The fourth function is the “Unattended Mode”, and only available in the deluxe model. The bench has an integrated barcode scanner. The deliverer presents the package to the scanner then places into bench. The bench recognizes the valid barcode and automatically locks the bench. Simply click on the “Right Unattended” or “Left Unattended” Button to activate this function. For instructions, click here.

  1. The owner enters tracking numbers or the shipping barcode into the bench memory.
  2. Press the button labeled “Right/Left Unattended”

Function Five: "Shipping Mode"

The fifth function is the Shipping Mode, to ship a package from home. The package requires correct labels and postage. The deliverer will wait for the owner to unlock the bench remotely then take the package for shipping. To view instructions, click below

  1. Prepare for delivery by pressing the “Unlock Button” on your phone.
  2. Lift the lid and place the package into the bench.
  3. Turn off “Unlock Button.”
  4. Set the notification sign out, and make sure that the correct sign is displayed with pickup instructions. The sign will tell the delivery/pickup person to wait for a response via the video communication device (Ring Door Bell, or whatever security system you use). The person has to wait until you unlock the bench.
  5. Once the bench is unlocked the person can lift the lid and take the package for shipment
  6. Then deactivate the “Unlock Button.”

Retrieving the package

  1. Press the Unlock button on phone app
  2. Lift the lid
  3. Retrieve the package
  4. Press the Unlock button again to deactivate it.

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