Why ParcelSAF™?


The ParcelSAF™ invention is a package-securing bench or a box for a porch or property entrance. with “smart” Wi-Fi enabled components built in to enable remote access. The ParcelSAF™ Phone App works in conjunction with any video motion system (such as the video doorbell system marketed as the RING™ doorbell, SimpliSafe, Vivint, etc.). The video motion system notifies the homeowner that a potential delivery person is approaching and the owner can confirm the deliverer identity remotely through the doorbell system.


ParcelSAF™ has many advantages. Unlike many other containers on the market, ParcelSAF™  does not require the delivery person to input an  access code that often gets keyed incorrectly). There is also no steep learning curve for the delivery person who must meet strict delivery quotas; as a result, she/he will be more likely to leave the delivery outside the container rather than reading and testing lengthy instructions for the numerous devices on the market. ParcelSAF™ also does not require entry of the deliverer into the home, garage, or car, does not require driving to a locker location, and gives the owner complete remote control of the bench/box setup and locking functions. To see more advantages, click here


The ParcelSAF™ has delivery and pickup functions you will select on your cell phone app, depending on the model of container you purchase. To see the functionality described, click here

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